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Welcome to Sage Beef of Bannockburn

SageBeef sustainably supplies superior eating quality beef from cattle that have been ethically raised in stress free environments. We achieved this through control over every aspect of the supply chain from farm to fork. We are based in Bannockburn, about 15 minutes north of Geelong, in the Golden Plains shire. SageBeef’s philosophy is to connect our customers with where their food comes from, thats why we are transparent about what we do and how we do it, from the ethical farmers we partner with, to steps we take to ensure that our cattle are cared for - year round.

SageBeef believes

    it is important for people to understand where their food comes from
    it is important that we are transparent about our farming practices
    it is important that the animals we produce are treated with care and respect
    it is important to eat local produce
You can find Sage Beef at Eynesbury Farmers Market on the 1st and  3rd Sundays. 

Phone: 0428 795 663

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