COVID Vaccination FAQ

                                    COVID 19 Frequently Asked Questions.

This information should be read in conjunction with the Urban Markets COVID-19 vaccination policy.

  1. Do I need to get vaccinated to work at an Urban Markets site?
      1. Yes, as per the Victorian Acting Chief Health Officer’s recent direction (Direction) after 15 October 2021, authorised workers must not work outside their ordinary place of residence unless they are vaccinated. Click here to view the Direction.
      2. However unvaccinated workers can attend work between 15 October and 22 October 2021 if they have a booking to receive a first dose by 22 October 2021.
      3. Urban Markets has the right to refuse to allow unvaccinated employees, contractors, and stallholders (Workers) to enter and work on its sites.
      4. Exemptions apply only if you are exempted due to a medical condition which should be supported by a certification from a medical practitioner. For more information visit: ATAGI Expanded Guidance on temporary medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccines | Australian Government Department of Health
  1. Why is COVID-19 vaccination important?
      1. Vaccination is an important way to minimise their risk of infection of Coronavirus and to reduce the risk of transmission to others.
      2. For more information on the importance of the COVID 19 vaccine click here
  1. Can Urban Markets request my vaccination status?

Yes, as the site operator, Urban Markets is required to collect, record and hold vaccination information about Worker’s vaccination status at its market sites.

  1. What if I don’t provide my vaccination status to Urban Markets?
      1. All Workers will be requested to provide their vaccination status.
      2. If you choose not to provide your vaccination status to Urban Markets, you will be treated as if you are unvaccinated and will not be permitted to work at the markets.
  1. Stallholders and independent contractors are not employees of Urban Markets, so why do they have to comply with Urban Markets’ vaccination policy?
      1. All Workers at Urban Markets sites are considered authorised workers under the Directions.
      2. Urban Markets must comply with the Directions and request Workers’ vaccination status even in circumstances where it is not the employer.
      3. The Directions make vaccinations mandatory for authorised workers who leave home for scheduled work outside the worker’s ordinary place of residence after 15 October 2021.
  1. What if I don’t want to be vaccinated because of my religious or pollical views?
      1. There is no exemption under the Directions for workers to object to Vaccinations on religious grounds or because of their personal views about vaccinations.
      2. Information on applicable exemptions is set out in paragraph 1(d) above.
  1. Can I still work at an Urban Markets site if I am unvaccinated?
      1. The Directions state that workers who are unvaccinated are not permitted to work outside the worker’s ordinary place of residence (unless they have a booking for a first dose by 22 October 2021).
      2. After 22 October 2021, Workers must have at least 1 dose of a COVID-19 vaccination to be permitted to work at an Urban Markets site.
  1. Do I still need to get the vaccine if I have already had COVID-19?

Yes, getting vaccinated even after recovering from COVID 19 is essential and can offer more protection or boost any antibodies (immunoglobulins) that the body has already made in response to COVID-19.

  1. Do I still need to wear a face mask at site and follow other preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 if I am fully vaccinated?
      1. Yes, until further government notifications, it is very important that you follow all the precautionary measures in place to reduce the risk of developing and spreading COVID 19.
      2. For more information visit: How to protect yourself and others from coronavirus (COVID-19) | Australian Government Department of Health
  1. Where can I get my proof of vaccination and what rights does Urban Markets have if I refuse to provide proof of my vaccination?
      1. ‘Proof’ is the documentation of completed vaccination provided to Australians through the myGov website or app, your vaccination provider (including a medical practitioner) or the Australian Immunisation Register.
      2. See the Services Australia website to see how to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations.
  1. Can Urban Markets keep record of my vaccination status?

Yes, under the Direction, from 15 October 2021, Urban Markets must collect, record and hold vaccination status information for Workers who are authorised workers and are scheduled to work at food market sites operated by Urban Markets.

  1. I am concerned about the privacy and protection of my personal information collected by Urban Markets.
      1. All personal information, including Workers’ vaccination status, is stored securely by Urban Markets and in accordance with privacy laws.
      2. Only authorised staff can view vaccination status records.
  1. Which COVID-19 vaccines are available in Australia, and can I choose which vaccine to get?

For more information about approved COVID-19 vaccination options in Australia visit:

About the COVID-19 vaccines | healthdirect

  1. What are common side effects of vaccines?
      1. Vaccinations may cause short-term mild side effects in some people which includes fever, joint pain, muscle aches, headache, tiredness, or worsened eczema a day after vaccination. Side effects do not usually require any treatment, other than paracetamol for fever or discomfort.
      2. For more information visit: Is it true? Get the facts on COVID-19 vaccines | Australian Government Department of Health
  1. If I have adverse reaction to vaccination, is Urban Markets responsible?
      1. Urban Markets is not responsible for stallholders’ or contractors compensation claims as a result of injuries or reactions attributed to a Vaccination.
      2. However some Workers may be entitled to workers compensation if they sustain an injury due to vaccination and the injury occurred in the course of employment.
      3. Contact us to confirm if workers compensation applies to you and your circumstances.
  1. Are COVID 19 vaccines free?

Yes, the first and second doses of the COVID 19 vaccines are free for all people living in Australia.

  1. Who can get the COVID 19 vaccine?
      1. COVID-19 vaccine is available to anyone aged 12 and over.
      2. To find a clinic near you call the Department of Health and Human Services on 1800 675 398 or visit:
  1. Can I get the vaccine if I am immunocompromised?
      1. Yes, since all the approved COVID-19 vaccines in Australia contain the live COVID-19 virus, they are safe for immunocompromised people.
      2. You should consult your accredited medical practitioner about any concerns you may have in relation to receiving an approved vaccine, including the process for obtaining an approved vaccine.
      3. It is your responsibility to obtain independent medical advice as to the potential health risks involved in receiving the vaccine.
  1. Is it safe for me to get vaccinated if I am pregnant or planning pregnancy?
      1. Yes, you can get vaccinated if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying for a baby.
      2. More information can be found here.
  1. What about my human rights?
      1. Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth), Urban Markets has a legitimate purpose to take all reasonably practicable control measures to ensure the health and safety of all Workers and those who attend its market sites.
      2. Under the Directions, it is not discriminatory for Urban Markets to mandate COVID 19 vaccinations for all Workers at its sites unless you are an exempted due to medical reasons.
      3. Your personal preference or concerns about vaccine side effects are not protected under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic).
      4. To know more about your rights click here.


Last updated: 18 October 2021.