Newhaven Market


Newhaven Market -  

Newhaven Primary School Fundraising event. 

2021 Dates at Newhaven Primary School -  Best Entrance Cleeland Road 

3rd Saturday Each month 

18th September
16th October
30th October - School Fete (Melb Cup weekend)
20th November
18th December


Mulgrave Farmers Market

----------------- MARKET UPDATE ------------------

Dear Market visitors,

At this time trading at Eynesbury and Merrifield Markets is on hold.  We do not have enough food vendors to make these locations viable to operate at the current time.  As soon as the restrictions are lifted we will reopen for trading. 


Djerriwarrh Festival

Djerriwarrh 1

DJERRIWARRH FESTIVAL  - November 6th 2021

Djerriwarrh Festival is a flagship event of Melton City Council. It brings together thousands of people from all walks of life to enjoy different activities and share and learn from each other.

Each year at Djerriwarrh Festival there is an intercultural stage showcasing traditional dance and music to celebrate Melton’s diversity and engage locals with people and cultures from all over the world.

Urban Markets will be operating the Market stalls section of this event for 2021

Frankston Live and Local -2022

Frankston Pier


Live and Local at the Foreshore

Date:  Dates to be confirmed for 2022
Time: 2pm – 8pm daily
Location: Long Island Drive and McCombs Reserve, Frankston

Live and Local at the Foreshore will showcase the natural beauty of the beach and bay as you enjoy the many things on offer throughout our spacious event site.

Greek and Olive Festival

European Breads

New Date to be confirmed

Travel to Greece 

There's only a $10 parking fee! Bring a car load of friends and family - fun times to be had! Including Foodtrucks, Market Stalls, Entertainment such as Greek Dancing groups

+ FREE workshops including how to make: Greek Yoghurt, Dolmades, Bread & Spanakopita!

Bizzy Bee

Bizzy Bee

Q Tell us a fascinating, not well-known fact about bees: 
Isabel -  The most fascinating thing people find when I speak to them about bees is the bees life span is about 6 weeks during Honey production season and 5 years for the Queenbee. Also it take one small teaspoon of honey for a single bee to produce in its life time and visits up to around 5,000 flowers a day. Amazing isn't it! 

Canine Wellness

Canine Wellness

Describe the moment that triggered the concept of starting Australia's First Food Truck for dogs? 
We always went out to food truck events, restaurants, markets and festivals with our dog Fred and poor Fred always got left over table scraps or the odd hot chip. He ended up just begging for food the whole time and that’s when we had the moment, wouldn’t it be great if we could have a food truck dedicated to just dogs. A truck that sold healthy street food just for dogs. No human stuff just canines.