Enyesbury Journey

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The Eynesbury Farmers Market journey has been exciting so far. 

How did it start?.....  

I received an email from Frederic Blevin the Operations Manager at Eynesbury asking if I was interested in establising a French Provincial style weekly Farmers Market at Eynesbury, intrigued I went along to meet with Fred and found a wonderful enthusiastic Frenchman who like mysel is an ex chef.   How exciting a prospect of working with someone that has the same thoughts and ideas about food.  Wonderfully prepared with a full arch lever file of work already undertaken it made the decision very easy to make.  

With contacting everyone I knew that sells at farmers markets and stallholders I know have the best produce, we set about organising a meet and greet day with potential stallholders to ask questions and look a the proposed site.   Since then we have been working furiously to obtain even more stallholders.  As you can understand making sure we have around 25 stallholders every week of the month is a massive task, though we do want far more than that come along and they will as we grow and become established. 

Working closely with the Victorian Farmers Market Association we will be helping our stallholders become accredited and we can be sure that we will have only the best food available, this doesn't mean it is the cheapest or the dearest but affordable, and value for money.  After all you pay around $3 for a bunch of wilted parsely in the supermarket and might use 1/3rd.. at least with a fresh bunch even if slightly more expensive you can use it all over a week at least. (anyways that is another discussion).

The process has been working on obtaining stallholders, setting up a not for profit incorporated group to run the market, looking for sponsors and volunteers who as always are the lifeblood of markets, creating the facebook page and website.   

With loads to look forward to with great suppliers, kids club and regular cooking demonstrations what more could you want each week as you wander and buy your fresh vege and produce.