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Buying local foods is a simple way to improve your health, your community, and the environment all at the same time!

Eynesbury Farmers Market supports family-based farming, farmers and food producers of Victoria.  Cutting out the middleman allows direct contact and feedback between customers and producers, allowing area residents the opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge about how their vegetables are grown and their meat is produced. Cutting out the middleman not only helps the local community but reduces food packaging and food miles, thus reducing vehicle pollution, noise and fossil fuel use.


Join Our Committee

Do you want to take an active part in growing our market? 

We are looking for volunteers to come on to the committee to help us improve and grow the market.  
Meeting date 17th January 2017

Contact Market Manager for more details. 

0400 520 042  or email


Kids Thyme

Kids Thyme  - $5.00 per child

Looking for 1-3 people to job share over each week.  5hrs per week. This is a paid position. 

11.15-12.15pm - Juniors up to 13 years  
The program is modeled after programs in the USA and done well in Adelaide under the guidance of Simon Bryant and across the country with the focus of teaching kids about their food and where it comes from.  

Our mission is to educate and inspire children to take part in their local food system, enjoy eating nutritious foods and empower them to make healthy choices. Providing the opportunity to participate in activities that will allow kids to engage with local farmers will encourage a better understanding about where their food comes from.


Eynesbury Farmers’ Market is a not-for-profit organisation where Victorian growers and producers can sell directly to customers.  The market is open every Sunday from 9.30am – 2.00pm at Eynesbury Homestead and we are always looking for volunteers.

  •  get to know your local farmers and artisan producers
  •  join the Eynesbury community
  • meet new people, make new friends
  • eat fresh local produce
  • enhance your CV

What do Eynesbury volunteers do?
Set-up and pack-down market marquees, seating areas and signage (some heavy lifting)
Welcome visitors at the market entrance
Represent Eynesbury at the market’s information stall

Who are our Eynesbury volunteers?
School teachers, accountants, students, graphic designers, vineyard owners, parents, dog-lovers, foodies – you name it!

How do I become an Eynesbury Volunteer?  Email enquiries@urbanmarkets.com.au

Operating Times

Our market runs in all weathers

9.00am - 1.00pm 

Our advertised hours were until 2.30pm, however, we have found that after around 1pm there are few people visiting the market.  Our stallholders stay until 1pm and if customers are still coming in we stay open and often don't start packing up until just before 1.30pm.

If there are no customers left or we have sold out of produce we close.  We also have to take into account that we have very limited shade and quite a lot of our stall holders produce is on ice. This has a limited shelf life and with health regulations there is a particular length of time we can allow fresh produce to be available without refrigeration.  We want our produce to be provided to our customers at it's best and freshest.   


Eynesbury Artisans Market 
Please follow this link for more details and application forms


Eynesbury Farmers Market is the inspiration of people that love the ability to create a place that genuine farmers and producers can meet and sell directly to the public fresh, local and organic foods. The produce sold is locally grown, fresh, and is usually cheaper than in supermarkets. The aim is to increase local food supply, stimulate local economies, and create opportunities for small scale enterprises. 

All kinds of people attend the market, though market surveys reveal that crowds tend to be those over 50 years, with more disposable income and a greater interest in organic produce.

The market will be promoted by signs on the highway one week before the event, and advertised in local community newsletters and publications.

Eynesbury Farmers Market happens every Sunday  (9.30am – 2pm) at the Eynesbury Homestead.   More


Highlighed Stallholders

Some of our great stallholders and their products. You can view more information and stallholders under our Stallholder Profiles pages.

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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors provide support and contribute signficantly to to set up and running of our market. They share our passion and philosophies and have contributed significantly to what you see at the market.